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The important thing is not where you were or where you are but where you intend to get.

– David .J Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking BIG

We have 18 years experience in the set up and operation of successful home businesses throughout Australia.

In using our service to provide your income producing lifestyle solution you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise in this area. Success is no accident!

We use a strict criteria to determine a ‘Perfect’ Home Business:

  • The business model must allow you the ability to LEVERAGE your time and efforts. This just makes sense, you should own the business and not the business own you.
  • The business should have a HIGH UPGRADE PROFIT POTENTIAL, we avoid any model that has high gross profit margins but low net profit to you.
  • TIMING IS EVERYTHING – Trends and timing need to align, to make money you need to know where money is being spent.
  • To reduce business risk to you, any products and services should be UNIQUE AND CONSUMABLE and companies you may do business with should be market leaders with HIGH INTEGRITY and a proven track record of success.
  • Your work from home experience should reduce the stress that can effect your health and close relationships – it should be an empowering and profitable experience.
  • The home business should also be something that you could be PERSONALLY PASSIONATE about that adds value to others – it has been said that ‘success is finding your life’s work, the work that you love’.
  • You should be provided with a BLUEPRINT to your business success. The support of a proven and specific, step by step system of training and support.

Thankyou for your interest in our services …

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Home Business-Specialists

Testimonial:  Karen Donkers Sept 12th 2012

“Dean i must say, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you, your guidance and advice has been wonderful.
Thank you  for opening my mind and introducing me to the world of home business.
Having you as my sponsor and mentor has allowed me to get back some of the confidence and belief that I once had.
Excited about the possibility’s but fully aware of the risks.”

Disclaimer: As part of our service we do our best to recommend a home business solution that best meets your needs. We have a short list of home businesses that we recommend based on either personal experience or through others we know and trust who have enjoyed success. We also perform reasonable due diligence prior to any recommendation and at times will recommend a home business that we may benefit from in some way. This will be fully disclosed at the time of recommendation.

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