Annalese Moffat-McCoy

I sat in front of a computer one night deciding where I was going with my future…

I had no cash, a house and kids to support. A 9 – 5 ‘normal’ job was not an option, I really needed the flexibility of working around the responsibility of caring for my children. I am acting part time .. in the hope to be a famous actress one day … you need to be one in a million!

So I searched for a home business on the net . I thought “Oh well, I wonder what they’ve got to offer?..”

To my surprise … a friendly and professional consultant contacted me and presented a home business that was just what I was looking for. It offered flexibility, had a high income potential, there was very little financial risk and the business training and support was more than I could ask. I have a new lease on life and have found drive and enthusiasm that I never thought I had because I am achieving success in building my own future.

I recommend doing what I have done 200%!

Kate Parkes

I went from job to job for many years …

I found that after just months in a job I would become so unhappy and desperate to change direction.

I discovered at the age of 31 that I was never going to find the right job because it meant working for a ‘Boss’.

I discovered something on the internet about ‘working from home’ that caught my attention. This really appealed to me. Help at last! I was contacted by someone with many years of experience and success in e home-based businesses. When I found that I would receive guidance, training and support while I worked my own business I was very very interested – and all with low outlay and low overheads which meant low risk.

At last I now work from home … I don’t have to answer to a boss and I get to work the hours I choose with an income potential that far exceeds that of my previous jobs. I now feel confident that we can start a family and have the flexibility to see our family grow

I can honestly say that I have never been happier . . . and healthier, and the work is just so enjoyable. I have so much more confidence, now I’m UNSTOPPABLE!”


 Karen Donkers – Sept 12th 2012

“Dean i must say, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you, your guidance and advice has been wonderful.
Thank you  for opening my mind and introducing me to the world of home business.
Having you as my sponsor and mentor has allowed me to get back some of the confidence and belief that I once had.
Excited about the possibility’s but fully aware of the risks.”

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